Jeannette Auxiliary Police

Taken from the Civil Defense News (from extreme left to right)

Frank Pirillo, Ray Reidmiller, Don Hartman, 1st Lt. Dom Ponzetti

Red Cross Instructor Paul Gulyas, Capt. Robert Pershing, Charles Winwood, Oresta Rulli




Ed Berardinelli, Ron Shumaker

David Gibich, Carl Pershing, Patti Caralli, Art Lopes, Don Hartman

Sgt. Kathi Ponzetti, Capt. Ray Reidmiller, 2nd Lt. Rich Knauss



2005 Active Roster


Capt. Debbie Pershing Christi Cafasso Alan Harf
1st Lt. George Silowash Michael Cafasso (Inactive) Jonathan Jobe
2nd Lt. Candie Tillman Al Cecconello Bob Montgomery
1st Sgt. Jonathan Jobe Nick Driestadt Matthew Molans
2nd Sgt. Ron Marquis Jim Bold Ray Reidmiller


All Officers are Pennsylvania Act 235 (Lethal Weapons) certified, in addition to having certification in the use of OC Pepper Spray and the ASP Baton.

All officers have received training in First Aid and CPR.  In addition some of the officers are certified through the NRA as Range Safety Officers, and Firearms Instructors.

Applications are available at the EMS at 225 South Sixth Street, Jeannette, PA 15644, for anyone over the age of 21, living within 10 miles of the City of Jeannette that does not have a criminal record or history of drug/alcohol abuse.